New Submission Intakes Simplified

Automatic conversion of submissions received from your clients & agents into ingestible data. Helps lower turnaround time, eliminates manual data entry, and provides cost efficiencies.

Why Intakifi

Document Intake for new business submissions is core to the insurance business process. This process should be easy, quick, and scalable so the underwriters can focus their attention on evaluating and assessing risk exposure to determine insurability and help their clients get the best coverage for the lowest premium.

Instead, today the Underwriters and their staff spend hundreds of hours performing swivel-chair data entry, scraping relevant information from applications, parsing thru emails and documents for creating these submissions data, and consolidating & enriching data.

Intakifi automates extraction of data from the PDFs/Excel Files/Word Documents sent with Submissions. The extracted data is provided to the Underwriters in a form they can directly use it - Imported into the Submission systems either thru APIs or by using Intakifi's data entry (dataEnter) module to enter the data.

The Intakifi dataBuild module looks for relevant information on the internet and provides additional data automatically providing a better context to the Underwriters.

The extracted data can even be provided to external rating systems if needed. Agenci/iQ, a partner, provides a comprehensive Agent Portal for handling commercial lines once the data has been extracted from the submission documents.

Intakifi - intakes simplified.

Let Intakifi handle all the heavy lifting for you! Send your insurance submissions to Intakifi and it will automatically convert the documents for you - providing touchless capability to submissions, with four times faster turnaround times and with intelligent visibility & insights into those submissions.

How it Works

Intakifi is purpose-built to automatically read submissions as they come in, the way humans do - extracting data from the files, enhancing it and auto-populating the data in your portals, rating/quoting systems, and even policy admin systems.

Intakifi, a cloud-hosted SaaS software, is built to handle the PDFs, Excel Files and even Word Documents sent as a part of a submission. Intakifi accepts files sent through email, Chatbots, SFTP, and API Calls. It then uses Advanced AI and other techniques to validate the files & extract the required data, and transform the data into the format required by your systems. If required, it can also enhance the data using the internet, and enter it for you in your/third-party systems. It fits seamlessly into your current workflow - just speeds up the process and ensures that everything is error-free and runs 24/7.

Imagine your agents sending a Decl Page over an email - Intakifi takes the data from PDF files, sends it to multiple Carriers/MGAs (Using APIs as well as Online Portals), gets the responses, enters the data on your system and (if configured do it) sends the best quote back to your Agent.

It is currently designed to accept ACORD forms, Decl Pages, Loss Runs, and even custom Agency Formats. However, our experts can get any document format up & running in a matter of days.

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